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Destsetters has just completed a photo shooting project, highlighting the best aspects of the Italian Capital. Assigned to the esteemed photographer Christos Drazos, and with the use of a talented team, the project has produced a unique photographic material that will be used to promote Rome to the dynamic Gay & Lesbian Travel Market, as well as other niche markets like Luxury, Gastronomy and Wellness & Spa.
More than 2.000 shots were taken in a period of 4 days, covering a big part of Rome, focusing on the experience of the destination and producing a high quality material for the magical Italian city.
The huge success of the project was further supported by the contribution of the amazing luxury Hotels, Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa & Hotel Splendide Royal, which hosted the Photographer, the team of Destsetters as well as the participating models.
All images will be officially published, during a powerful campaign for promoting Rome and Italy among the top destinations in Destsetters, helping the collaborating hotels to effectively reach the Gay & Lesbian, Luxury, Gastronomy and Wellness & Spa travel audiences.