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The Naxian Collection

Naxian Collection (Naxos Villas) is a brand new hotel complex (opening in the summer of 2009) which provides high standard accommodation. It consists of 8 luxury villas with a size of 85 - 100 m² and two suites sized 30 - 45 m², each having their own private swimming pool and panoramic view to the sea . The complex is located ten minutes away from Naxos Town and five minutes from St. Prokopios Beach, and it is perfectly situated on the wonderful area of Stelida, from where you can enjoy the magnificent view (from one side of the complex you can see from Naxos Town until the island of Mykonos and from the other side St. prokopios Beach until the island of Ios. It is built with respect to the environment and Cycladic architectural standards.

© photography by christos drazos