In the mid 90s Christos Drazos started his career as a photographer. After a few years working in advertising and portrait photography, he started his dedicated career in Hotel Photography in 2000. 

            His love for architectural photography, food photography and travel led him to fall in love with hotel photography right away. What caught his attention and made the art of hotel photography even more intriguing to him was the fact that in order to describe life experiences for a hotel through a simple image, he had to create story telling photographs, which was and still remains a challenge, so that they attract different target groups depending on the projects he took on. 

            The trust that over 250 hotels, Leading Hotels, Relais Chateaux, Small Luxury Hotels and Design Hotels in more than 10 countries, have put on him is just a small example of his hard work and his continuous self-improvement. Available for assignments worldwide.

            After 25 years Christos is still dedicated with the same passion and love on photography and keeps on dreaming.